Why This Site?

cowboy-circleHi, I’m Charlie -
Adventurer, investor and avenger of lazy background check companies.
I'm also known as the expungement expert - I don't necessarily want this title, but I have earned it.

I talk about my expunged record so you don't have to. 

I have an expunged record that kept showing up (illegally) on background checks.

It showed up over a dozen times.
(I got into a fight. Oops. Charges dropped. Phew. Lesson learned!)

After more than three years of battling background check companies, thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees, multiple missed job/housing opportunities, and even the FBI admitting the system is flawed, I had no other choice but to learn how to defend myself.

So I did.

napbs-plaqueI went through extreme measures to figure out what was going on.

I even became a member of the National Background Screeners Association and attended their annual conference.
(They weren't too happy once they realized I was a member.)

It can be incredibly difficult to keep an expunged record off of background checks.

It’s time consuming, emotional and beyond frustrating.

It makes you feel like a victim with no way out.

Worst yet, the background check companies simply don’t care about their recklessness.

I started TheExpungedRecord.com to help people like me defend themselves against illegal background checks.

My goal is to take what I learned from a nightmare experience to help you move on with your life.

It is my mission to save others from the hell I had to go through just to protect and enforce my legal rights.

This site will help you move on with your life. Let go of the fear of losing a job, house or loan because of faulty, outdated information.

Your days of feeling like a victim of background check companies irresponsibility is over.

TheExpungedRecord.com's goal is to give you a voice, translate and enforce complicated FCRA rules, and EMPOWER YOU to take control over your background data.

Here's to your fair, fresh start!