The Two Ways to Defend Yourself

If you need more information on why your expunged record is showing up on background checks, go to our reference library. To solve a problem you must first understand it.


If your expunged record illegally showed up on a background check: 

Once you find out an expunged record has been revealed, you must fix it with the offending CRA immediately via a consumer dispute. Unfortunately, you have probably already lost that job or a house. Most successful litigation against CRAs to challenge inaccuracy within a consumer's file comes after a consumer has made a dispute directly to the CRA.

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How to keep your expunged record off of future background checks:

If your expunged record has already showed up on a background check once, the odds are it will happen again. Your best approach to prevent and deter this is to proactively check with each existing CRA to make sure they are not harboring a stale record in their database. While this may seem excessive, this is currently the only method available to attempt to enforce your rights. This also gives you some ammo or evidence of possible negligence for a lawsuit if your expunged record is revealed in the future.
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*** DID YOU SAY LAWSUIT? - My expunged record has appeared over a dozen times. I have lost multiple job and housing opportunities due to negligent CRAs. While there are exceptions, I've discovered most of the background check companies really could care less about you and any unwarranted pain they cause. Cheer up, I move frequently and I love taking on new work opportunities, so hopefully this won't happen to you as often...Just beware.


Even CRAs themselves poke fun at how laziness is the cause of expunged records illegally appearing:



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